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Can We Guess Your Star Sign?

This guide has two parts, the first is a set of instructions for how you can make your own matching style quiz and the second is an explanation of how it works and a deeper dive into HTML, CSS, and Javascript, the languages of the web.

Matching quizzes are really fun and you've probably seen a bunch of them.

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They provide a person a series of questions that will determine some match, for example "Which Game of Thrones Character are You? Learning how they work is a great introduction to programming and lots of fun for a beginner project.

Getting Started The first step is to decide how you want to work on your quiz. The absolute easiest way is to get started with our CodePen.

QuizStar is a FREE Quiz-making Tool!; dating site quizstar sign in

You should "Fork" the CodePen to work on your own copy of it. CodePen makes it super easy to get started because you can just start editing the HTML immediately and see your changes reflected below. You can also download a zip of the project and open the quiz.

Once your setup so that you can edit the HTML and see changes, continue below! Creating the Quiz Content The key to making your own quiz is picking a few possible matches for the person. Each time you pick an answer in the quiz, our code is adding a point to one charm's score.

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At the end of the quiz, the charm with the most points is how we match you. If you are making your own quiz, it's a good idea to pick things you are going to match people to.

Can We Guess Your Star Sign?

Your quiz might be "What Pie are You? Once you've figured out what your quiz is about and what matches you'll provide, the next step is to write your questions and answers, corresponding each answer to a match. For example, the first question in our Dating Symbol Quiz is: 1. What do you do with your restaurant leftovers?

Quizstar sign site dating

Eat them the next day for breakfast. Forget about them till my fridge smells like a dead hand.

q&a: are quizzes on facebook dangerous?

Spill them on myself as soon as I get in the car because of course. If you pick answer A, the "Evil Eye" charm will get a point. If you pick answer B, the "Lock and Key" charm will get a point.

Q&A: Are quizzes on Facebook dangerous?

If you pick answer C, the "Heart" charm will get a point. If you pick answer D, the "Star" charm will get a point.

You get to make up these pairings, have fun with it, be creative. For example, in our Pi Day Quiz, we might have a question with the following answers: 1.

What's your favorite holiday? If you pick answer B, the "Ruhbarb Pie" will get a point. If you pick answer C.

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