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The station crew, together with a delegation from the research and political communities, are now celebrating its ten-year anniversary.

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At the same time, it has a major influence on our climate. For the past ten years, the Neumayer Station III has provided vital support for German and international research projects in the Antarctic.

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Just a few kilometres from its two predecessors, the station was erected in the course of two consecutive Antarctic summers, and completed in early At the same time, new research questions to investigate crop up year after year. The goal: to pave the way for cultivating crops in space and in regions with challenging climatic conditions.

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The German Meteorological Service DWD is also represented at the station, and provides essential forecasts that help ensure researchers know when it is safe to work outside. Russia, Norway and South Africa by providing aviation weather forecasts.

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We need in-depth information on polar processes in order to understand the global climate and its on-going changes, and in order to devise policy recommendations on that basis. This scientific information is an essential prerequisite for making sustainable political decisions.

Wiestler, President of the Helmholtz Association. Ultimately, all of these fields help to preserve or enhance our natural resources.

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Named in honour of the German polar researcher Georg von Neumayer, the Georg-von-Neumayer Station commenced operations in In it was replaced by the Neumayer Station, which, like its predecessor, was essentially a tubular structure. During the summer months, it offers accommodation for 50; as a rule, the overwintering team only consists of nine people.

Unlike the majority of research stations in the Antarctic, virtually all workspaces, common rooms and supply rooms are centrally located under the same roof.

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The energy it produces is recirculated in a closed system to the maximum extent possible, ensuring its optimal utilisation. Moreover, at the end of its service life, the entire station can be dismantled down to the last screw, so that the tracks left behind in this invaluable region are kept https://timwincu.icu/term8/4565-dating-exchange-students.php a minimum.

Buildings in the Antarctic also have to withstand virtually never-ending snowfall.

This allows it to rise in keeping with the snow cover, ensuring the platform remains at a constant height of ca. Thanks to this system, the dating ohne gebuhren vk is bound to enjoy a far longer service life than the two stations before it — tentatively, at least until It coordinates polar research in Germany and provides major infrastructure to the international scientific community, such as the research icebreaker Polarstern and stations in the Arctic and Antarctica.

The Alfred Wegener Institute is one of the 19 research centres of the Helmholtz Association, the largest scientific organisation in Germany.

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