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What values do you consider important in deciding about responsible dating

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What Are Your Values?

Cost-Reimbursable Contracts In a cost-reimbursable contract, the organization agrees to pay the contractor for the cost of performing the service or providing the goods. Cost-reimbursable contracts are also known as cost-plus contracts. Cost-reimbursable contracts are most often used when the scope of work or the costs for performing the work are not well known.

The project uses a cost-reimbursable contract to pay the contractor for allowable expenses related to performing the work. Since the cost of the project is reimbursable, the contractor has much less risk associated with cost increases. When the costs of the work are not well known, a cost-reimbursable contract reduces the amount of money the bidders place in the bid to account for the risk associated with potential increases in costs.

The contractor is also less motivated to find ways to reduce the cost of the project unless there are incentives for supporting the accomplishment of project goals. The contractor is also paid an additional amount above the costs.

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There are several ways to compensate the contractor. A cost-reimbursable contract with a fixed fee provides the contractor with a fee, or profit amount, that is determined at the beginning of the contract and does not change. The contractor is reimbursed for allowable costs and is paid a fee.

Procurement Management – Project Management

A cost-reimbursable contract with an incentive fee is used to encourage performance in areas critical to the project. Often the contract attempts to motivate contractors to save or reduce project costs. The use of the cost reimbursable contract with an incentive fee is one way to motivate cost-reduction behaviors.

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A cost-reimbursable contract with award fee reimburses the contractor for all allowable costs plus a fee that is based on performance criteria. The fee is typically based on goals or objectives that are more subjective.

An amount of money is set aside for the contractor to earn through excellent performance, and the decision on how much to pay the contractor is left to the judgment of the project team.

What values do you consider important in deciding about responsible dating, tender for a contract

The amount is sufficient to motivate excellent performance. On small activities that have a high uncertainty, the contractor might charge an hourly rate for labor, plus the cost of materials, plus a percentage of the total costs. Time is usually contracted on an hourly rate basis and the contractor usually submits time sheets and receipts for items purchased on the project.

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The fee is typically a percentage of the total cost. The project, rather than the contractor, assumes the risk. The final cost of the work is not known until sufficient information is available to complete a more accurate estimate.

13. procurement management

Progress Payments and Change Management Vendors and suppliers usually require payments during the life of the contract. On contracts that last several months, the contractor will incur significant cost and will want the project to pay for these costs as early as possible.

Relationship Rights & Responsibilities

Rather than wait until the end of the contract, a schedule of payments is typically developed as part of the contract and is connected to the completion of a defined amount of work or project milestones. These payments made before the end of the project and based on the progress of the work are called progress payments.

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For example, the contract might develop a payment schedule that pays for the design of the curriculum, then.

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