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Gas chromatography—mass spectrometry was used to analyze residue obtained from 10 ancient wooden braziers. The tests revealed the presence of cannabis bbc news dating apps relatively high levels of the mind-altering substance tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Robert Spengler of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Human History and Yimin Yang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggest the plants were placed on heated stones in the braziers to produce smoke during ceremonies connected with burial of the dead.

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Cannabis is known to have been cultivated in dating apps China at least 3, years ago, Spengler added. Located in eastern England, the site includes the remains of at least five roundhouses that stood on wooden stilts set in a small river in a wetland environment. The structures were connected by an internal walkway and enclosed with a fence.

Analysis of wooden beams indicated they were all cut in the same year, and were still green at the time of the fire. No signs of repairs were detected.

Knight and his colleagues think the fire started inside at least one of the dwellings, which eventually collapsed into the river. The silt preserved the charred wood, textiles, pottery, glass beads, bronze tools and weapons, grinding stones, loom weights, and spindle whorls recovered by the excavation team.

Read the original scholarly article about this research in Antiquity.

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Toby Kendall of the York Archaeological Trust said the piece of leather, which is decorated with an image of a dragon or another sort of mythical beast with wings, horns, and a tail, was found in waterlogged soil that was disturbed when sewers were installed more than years ago.

These stone fragments are thought to have been part of a large bbc news dating apps for a statue dedicated to a local resident who organized celebrations in honor of the gods and goddesses. Lizzy Craig-Atkins of the University of Sheffield said one of the skulls was fractured, likely by an act of violence.

The bones in the crypt date from toand may have been exhumed and moved to the crypt after the graveyard became too full, Craig-Atkins explained.


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Doggerland, an ancient landscape submerged by rising waters some 8, bbc news dating apps ago, stretches from the East of England to the Netherlands and Denmark. The stone artifacts, thought to have been produced by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, were found in two different sediment samples collected on either side of an ancient river estuary off the coast of Norfolk, England.

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An outcrop of flint and chalk was found near the fragment of heavily used hammer stone, in what may have been a tool-manufacturing site. Evidence of a prehistoric forest was also detected off the coast of the Netherlands. The researchers plan to return to Doggerland with a mini-submarine for further investigation.

Chu and his team discovered the knotted textiles, called khipus, bbc news dating apps traces of crops such as peanuts and chili peppers that had been spread evenly over a grid pattern impressed on the mud floor of each storage room. Chu and Urton argue that the Inkawasi khipus were coded for numbers equaling units of produce and a set percentage of a particular crop.

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