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Dating old drinking glasses

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Certain types have been sought out for many centuries as ceremonial accoutrements, but the idea of collecting them as objects of antique interest goes back at least to the 19th century.

18th century english glasses

Anne Crane Share: Bythe antiquarian Albert Hartshorne had published Old English Glasses:An account of glass drinking vessels in England, from early times to the end of the eighteenth century, which provided the drinking glasses attempt at classification of English drinking glasses. Indeed Hartshorne's seminal work still forms the basis of the classification broadly adopted by specialists today for 18th century English drinking glasses, the sector which makes up the biggest slice of this particular market.

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Up to the mid s, English glasses, like their Continental counterparts, were made of dating old drinking glasses glass producing thinly constructed, lightweight vessels of fluid design. The discovery and patenting by George Ravenscroft in his London Savoy workshop of glass made with lead oxide produced a much heavier, clearer product that responded well to cutting and engraving and, from a luxury product for the very rich, it lead glass gradually to become more affordable and more widely produced.

The hunt for Georgian drinking glasses isn't Never buy an antique glass dating from c good, genuine period engraving. Left: Magnified view. decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes). The information below has been distilled from a variety of sources, most notably from "Miller's antique checklist.

It is partly for these reasons that a lot of 18th century drinking glasses have survived. What Do People Collect?

Here glasses are classified according to the shapes of their stems, bowls and feet and to the decoration within the stem, formed by the inclusion of twists of air, opaque white or coloured glass threads. All of this affords a well-defined base for enthusiasts to study the material and acquire specimens.

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Another feature that determines collecting choice is the external decoration of the bowl by cutting, painting or engraving. This decoration serves a dating old drinking glasses of different purposes. It can symbolically identify the intended contents apples for cider, pears for perry or actually name the wine or cordial.

Alternatively it might detail ownership, as in the case of an armorial, or it could allude to some political, commemorative or ceremonial function such as a fashionable toast to a monarch, a reference to a local election or the launch of a ship.

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Most famous are those alluding to a dating old drinking glasses society, like the Jacobites who supported the claim of James II's Scottish descendants to the English throne. By the late 18th century deep cutting rather than shallow engraving was beginning to take over on bowls, stems and feet as a favoured form of decoration, something that was to come into much fuller force with the Regency era of the next century before the dawn of Victorian decorative or.

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