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How do I upload documents? Electronically submit your application and pay the filing fee. Keep originals on hand—you must mail them to us upon request.

texas secretary of state

Arrange for third parties to provide documents to us as needed. Follow the directions to reset your password. An application or other materials transmitted through ATLAS are received at the time of transmission as link by ATLASeven if the transmission does not occur during business hours.

Central Time is received on Sunday, November 1. Materials Transmitted through the U. Materials mailed through the U. Postal Service are received on the postmark date. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

Dating in texas if u know: 17 things to know before dating someone from texas

How do I amend an dating texas after I have submitted it? This feature is only available during the filing period. If you need to make changes to an application after the filing period has closed, please contact your licensure analyst. Texas law students only. Late filing Declarants may file at any time prior to or know with the filing of their In-State Application.

If you miss the timely filing deadline, which occurs during your first year of law school, you may file your Declaration separately anytime thereafter, or you may wait and file your Declaration concurrently with your In-State Application. If you are filing your Declaration and In-State Application concurrently, you do not need to re-list all employment and here and fitness information that you listed on your Declaration on your In-State Application.

You do not need to make duplicative disclosures. If you do not reside in the United States at the time of your application, then you should upload a valid identification card, containing the address where you reside, issued by a governmental body in the jurisdiction in which you reside. Keep all originals handy--you must mail them to us upon request.

Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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The Board has made special arrangements with the U. You may make copies of either document and submit the copies with your application or declaration regardless of the statement to the contrary on the document.

If you were born in another U. Certified birth cerificates may also be obtained on-line through www. May I use law professors as a reference in the Attorney References section of my Declaration? You must submit the Certification of Juris Doctorate Degree form to your law school.

You can also print a blank form from the Ancillary Forms tab.

Complete the top portion of the form and forward it to your law school for completion. Back to TOP The instructions state that a signed copy of my law school application is required.

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It depends on the method by which you submitted your law school application. If you submitted your application by mail, you would need to provide a copy of the signed application that you submitted to your law school. If you submitted any addendums with your law school application explaining and criminal history or undergraduate discipline you received, make sure you also submit these addendums to the Board.

How do I respond on the employment history section of Board forms if: a. You should enter "No longer in business" on the line for "Name of Supervisor", instead of entering the name of your supervisor.

Either enter the name of another supervisor who is still employed by the employer who would be able to respond to an inquiry from the staff of the Board as to your honesty, etc; or, enter the current address for your former supervisor, wherever that person is now. I cannot locate any documentation that indicates the exact dates that I was employed?

Enter approximate dates, but.

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