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The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society

It was a pivotal moment in the American Jewish and evangelical Protestant interfaith relationship. Today, for many evangelicals, Christian Zionism is no mere side issue.

Christianity interfaith dating; when no one is wrong: a response to the interfaith movement

It is, for many, the metanarrative that makes christianity interfaith dating of the biblical drama and current events, and provides a road map for the future. That meeting contained all the essential elements characterising the exceptional support that evangelical Protestants in the US give to the state of Israel.

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The spirit of this meeting has since been replicated dozens of times. Graham weaved an evangelical reading of the Bible, a deep-seated longing to aid Israel, and the self-interested power calculations of both communities into here language of interfaith rapprochement and shared Jewish-Christian interests.

Pressed on theology, Graham would have affirmed his commitment to the exclusive truth claims of Christianity, while the American Jewish leaders undoubtedly retained their own theological exclusivity.

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Still, their peculiar set of shared interests led to a powerful and dating partnership. Their alliance is one of the most notable instances of interfaith cooperation in recent history. Close to 50 years after that meeting, evangelicals and Jews remain at loggerheads on most theological and cultural issues. In the face of these vast differences, they have managed to unite — in ever closer cooperation — over support for Israel.

But many of them lead influential Christian Zionist organisations that constitute one of the most successful single-issue movements in modern US politics. Christian Zionists have achieved exceptional unity and influence on support for Israel, using a sophisticated combination of religious, historical and political components.

They emphasise a potent dating of interfaith engagement that elevates biblical covenantal language, and offer a sanitised version of the Jewish-Christian dating, yet also orient their work toward the pragmatic goal of increasing political influence. Interfaith cooperation is a liberal ideal: the world can be a better place if different religions work together Understanding Christian Zionism as an important instance of interfaith cooperation helps us understand the powerful ways in which it has shaped not only relationships between Jews and Christians but the identity of American evangelicals.

Yet the mere fact of people of different religions working together is not the essence of interfaith cooperation.

in theory: can interfaith marriages be effective?

The term is a modern one, and its meaning is found in the 20th century. Liberal ideas of interfaith cooperation lionise progressive values, expand tolerance, and help to build more democratic civil societies. And interfaith cooperation is a liberal ideal. From the British writer Karen Armstrong to the American campaigner Eboo Patel, its proponents claim that individuals and communities of different religious backgrounds will make the world a better place if they.

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