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People used to memorize these "words," horribly clunky as they are, in order to have a quick key to the system.

Every letter has a numeric value in this arrangement, and can thus be used for composing taari;xor chronograms. The order of the eight words and the numerical values of the letters are given above. The abjad system permits words and letters to encode dates.

Dates are always understood to be those of the ;hijrii dating system, which uses lunar years starting from A. The system assigns to the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet the numerical values shown above.

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Since the official dating chart in urdu includes only the original letters of the Arabic script, the later-added Persian and Urdu letters are analogized: for example, gaaf is link like kaaf. Here's the full set of equivalences: pe is valued as be ;Te is valued as te che is valued as jiim ;Daal is valued as daal ;Re is valued as re zhe is valued as ze gaaf is valued as kaaf ba;Rii ye is valued as chho;Tii ye Arabic al constructions go by script, not sound a tashdiid creates a full additional letter The point of the system is to permit one to make chronograms, words or phrases such that the abjad value of their letters adds up to some important date to be remembered.

Chronograms are still made today among Urduu-knowers.

To compose a chronograh is taari;x kahnaa ; the whole art itself is known as fann-e taari;x. The word taari;x itself is also used to mean both "history" and "date. Here are a few examples for practice.


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Example one: Ghalib composed a chronogram for his own death: ;Gaalib murd"Ghalib died.

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