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Mercury Surface Temperatures of Planets Before we begin to discuss Mercury, let us take a look at the general situation with regard to surface temperatures of planets, relative to the temperature of the central star. An important property of a planet is its albedo. Wikipedia lists the albedo of the planets, where you can see that it varies from very dark 0.

Dating on earth solar units - relative and absolute ages in the histories of earth and the moon: the geologic time scale

The gas giants have albedos near 0. Earth's albedo is highly variable due to cloudsbut averages around 0. Saturn's moon Enceladus has an albedo above 1 1.

Keep in mind that albedo numbers are difficult to calculate, and vary quite a bit in different references. We can measure the amount of light reflected from a planet, but how do we know the amount striking it?

The Sun's spectrum peaks around nm. The spectrum of an object at room temperature about K peaks in the infrared about 10 mm. Thus, we can tell the surface temperature of a planet by measuring its blackbody spectrum.

Since we know the energy flux from the Sun, we can calculate the blackbody temperature one would expect at the surface of a planet from its distance from the Sun, and its albedo A. It should be obvious that the energy flux from the Sun integrated over an entire sphere centered on the Sun called the Luminosity is the same no matter how big the sphere is.

For a planet that rotates slowly, or has little atmosphere, the sub-solar temperature is the relevant one to use.

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However, when the planet is rotating rapidly, or has a substantial atmosphere, the redistribution of energy must be taken into account. In most cases these match the appropriate temperature calculated above, but Venus and Jupiter disagree.

Venus has extra heating due to the greenhouse effect, while Jupiter has some internal heat source. We will discuss both of these later.

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These agree pretty well with accepted values of maximum temperature at the equator about K and average temperature Kkeeping in mind that Mercury has a rather high eccentricity of 0. However, on the dark side of Mercury the equator temperature can be as low as K C, or F.

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Dating Rocks We can date the Earth by using radioactive decay of atoms. Atoms come in many isotopes, all having the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons. When an isotope has a lot of neutrons, it can be stable over a long period of time, billions of years, but still have some probability to decay to.

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The History of Earth - How Our Planet Formed - Full Documentary HD

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