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How to delete christian dating profile

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How do I delete my profile?

Can I hide my profile while I search or browse?

How can I edit my profile page? Display Name Begin typing in the Display Name field.

How to delete christian dating profile; christian cafe review june 2019

Your changes are automatically saved and submitted for approval. Please note that a Personalized Display name is necessary to be included in Browse results and as a match for other members. About You Click on the About You field and a text box will pop up.

Your changes will then be submitted for approval.

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Height To change the height listed on your profile, click and drag the sliding circle. Move the circle to the correct height; slide left for shorter heights and right for taller heights. When the correct height is shown, un-click and your selection will be saved.

Questions and Answers Please note that once a selection is made in the Question and Answer section it cannot show as blank again, with the exception of the Occupation and College entries.

You can certainly change your selection from the options presented, but it cannot be removed.

In order to choose a response to the question and answer entries with a down arrow, please click on the down arrow and make the appropriate selection. Your selections will now appear on your profile.

Please keep in mind that changes are reviewed prior to posting. Please allow up to 48 hours for approval.

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Your entry will appear with a green pending note until approval. If your entry is rejected an email will be sent to your personal email address, and a note in red text will appear in the field to notify you. Was this article helpful?

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